Riddle and Ryhme

Black Crystal Daggers

weapon (melee)

Riddle and Rhyme
Level Save Penalties Abilities and powers
5 2 Dex, +1d6 Sneak Attack
6 +2 Stealth check
7 -
8 In Darkness he does roam.
9 Keen is the edge of Shadow
10 -1 +2d6 Sneak Attack, Perfect Dark Vision
11 Blades of Chaos
12 +4 Stealth
13 Shadow Step 1/day,
4 Dex
14 Needle Strike
15 -2 +3d6 Sneak Attack, Vicious (at will)
16 Your world turns to mine!
17 Master of Chaos, Shadow Step 2/Day
18 +6 dex
20 -3 Shadow Step 3/day
(I need to reorganize the abilities a bit but it has most of what id like , just a rough draft for now)
In darkness he does roam- Cast Darkness as per the spell darkness using your personal level as a caster level 2 times a day.
Keen is the edge of shadow- When sneak attacking your weapons are treated as if they were keen.
Blades of chaos- The Daggers become +2 Chaotic Daggers for overcoming damage Resistance.
Shadow Step- An at will dimension door, its use is a swift action.
Needle Strike- If you successfully critical on a sneak attack, you may substitute 1 point of dex damage per D6 of damage you would do.
Vicious- Your daggers becomes +5 chaotic vicious daggers, Vicious can be turned on and off at will.(vicious deals 1d6 to you on a successful hit and an extra 2d6 to your opponent)
Your world Turns to mine- You turn the entire area for a 1 mile radius into darkness as per the spell. You create an actual eclipse. This ability has a 1 month cool down.
Master of Chaos- You Dimension door and make an attack that catches your target flat footed. You get a number of attacks equal to your Dex modifier. These attacks may be separated between multiple targets or centered on one unfortunate individual. These attakcs are off of your highest BAB. This ability has a 1 month Cool down.


Riddle and Ryhme

A cold dark night can change the world. Razothoth