A cold dark night can change the world.

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The plot

The world of Valiar
Setting of the dragons rebellion.
Chapter 1 is the Cultist
The holy Order of Rah has declared a sacred cleansing of his kingdom, vowing to purge the shadow and its believers into the fires of tartarus. Military has been mobilized from the kings behalf to ensure the completion of the purge. It was a welcome thing throughout the kingdom until other religions were being targeted as evil. Other ideals of unity formed in the governments head and the realm began to shift. The Guilds has shifted and moved from the central empire. Mages tower vanished, the oppupence of the rogue quarter are all gone, the Mercenaries guild imprisoned .As the army marches outward slaves are being taken to pay their debts to the noble families of the soldiers whose holy conquest takes precedence over all else.

The Southern Armies are directed by general Tylung ex Daius Noble born, Veteran soldier. Completely loyal to the king . Advancing the armies fighting the barbarian tribes in the waste.
The dragon council and its dragoons are slowly dying off without rhyme or reason. They are being hunted and they do not know it.
The order of balance in (druids) in the north has completely withdrawn into the banished forest which has become completely impenetrable.
The dwarves in the west and the elves to the north east have begun to with draw themselves preparing for the worst of what may come.
The king, Daius Primus, has sent for any man to bring proof of his neighbors decent into darkness and his(preying to the shadow ect) that he shall be rewarded should the result be deemed true.The prince and sister are missing. Which is the true reason the king has started the war. The night they went missing the mark of Asmodeous was the only thing left behind on each of their pillows. On the other side of the note it said the shadow has claimed what is most precious to you great king, come and find them if you can.


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